How to use an Android phone as a webcam on a laptop / PC

Webcam is hardware that is usually installed on some laptops, but webcams come in separate forms, usually a separate webcam is used for use on a PC or CPU.

There are different types of webcams, from good to reasonable or standard, but usually some people prefer a webcam with good results, but the price of a good quality webcam is certainly not as cheap as we’d like it to be, so what should we do ? What if we want a webcam with good results and quality but cheap?

You can try this simple trick by Smartphone Good for you as a PC webcam, i.e. front or rear camera Smartphone You can use your Android as an external webcam and the great thing is that you don’t have to use a USB cable to connect it. How to use an Android phone as a webcam on a laptop / PC.


– DroidCAM Android

– DroidCAM-Windows


1. Open the app DroidCam Client on your PC.

2. Open the app as well DroidCam on your Android device.

3. Then make sure that Smartphone and your PC is in the same WiFi connection, or you are using Smartphone that you will use as a webcam Hotspot tethering and don’t forget to connect it to your PC.

4. Then fill in the text field in the DroidCam client application on your PC according to the Wifi IP in the DroidCam application on your Android, for example then click the button Begin.

5. Automatically camera Smartphone You will be connected to the application on your PC.

6. Done.

So the tutorial on how to use an Android phone as a webcam on a laptop / PC. Much luck.

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