How to use a proper mockup in Photoshop

Almost everyone is already familiar with the Adobe Photoshop application. software this is very flexible in use. For example for user anyone who works in the field of photography really needs it software This is the case when you want to correct faded photo colors or combine multiple objects into one piece. Your creativity and imagination will grow even more with this digital canvas software.

Adobe Photoshop

Of course, Adobe Photoshop is a mainstay for everyone, Photoshop can be useful not only in photography and advertising, but also in web design or other areas related to graphic design. It has been proven that several areas of advertising have benefited from this software This one is in the advertising-marketing war. Seeing conditions like this as a visual communication (graphic design) force encourages them to keep working and being creative.

With the power of all of Photoshop’s capabilities and its extremely efficient and easy to use, there is no other reason not to switch digital drawing. For people who are struggling with illustration, it’s time to leave the old fashioned way. This Adobe Photoshop will help you improve your illustration skills with amazing results. As a digital painter, you have to be able to write brush above the Photoshop layer to create a lifelike object

Perhaps there are still many people who are unfamiliar with the capabilities of Adobe Photoshop when creating digital art creations. For you user Photoshop is learning right now, this time we’re learning how to use the right mockup in Photoshop. But do you know what a mockup is before you go to the tutorial?

A mockup is an initial draft of a design that was previously created using Photoshop or. was created software another image editor. The existence of this mockup will surely make it easier user becomes more structured and effective in creating the design, as the framework for creating the design was established at the time the mockup was created.

Here is a tutorial on how to properly use a mockup in Photoshop:


1. Open the mockup file .psd.

2. Double-click the layer intelligent object (Usually the layer name is “your design here” or something).

3. Then enter a new screen that is there .psb.

4. Enter the pre-made design by clicking on File – Place Embedded. Place your design in the top layer area, then delete the layer at the bottom of your design.

5. Take out the document .psb with one click close then to save and see the result.

How to use the correct mockup. If you have any difficulties, you can leave a comment in the comment column provided. Hope it’s useful.

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