How to Upload Photos on Instagram Automatically

One way not to forget uploading photos on Instagram is to upload them on a scheduled or automatic basis.

Well, it turns out that there is a way to upload photos on Instagram automatically.

We will discuss it in the following article. Come on, let’s look at the article!

How to Upload Photos on Instagram Automatically

In addition, we have also discussed how to download photos and videos on Instagram, guys.

Here are the ways that you must follow to upload photos on Instagram automatically!

1. The first step you have to do is, Open the site ‘> Then click knob ‘Try 7-Days Free Trial‘.

Go to Site

2. After that, enter your email username and password > Then click knob ‘Sign Up‘.

Enter your Instagram username and password

3. If you have, open the email from Onlypult and click knob ‘Confirm E-Mail‘.

Select Confirm E-Mail

4. When it is open, then select the clock zone and location ‘(UTC+07:00) Asia/Jakarta> Then click knob ‘Save‘.

Select Clock Zone and Location

5. Next, you clickInstagram Profile Connect Now!‘.

Select Instagram Profile Connect Now!

6. Then check the list of all the rules > Then enter your Instagram username and password > After that click knob ‘Add‘.

Enter Instagram Username and Password

7. Next step, you click menus’Gallery‘.

Select Gallery

8. Then, click knob ‘Upload Files from PC‘.

Select Upload Files from PC

9. Next, select the photo you want to upload.

Select the photo you want to upload

10. If you have, click the ‘Next Step’ button at the bottom.

Select Next Step

11. After that, click options’Publish Date and Time‘ on the right.

Select Options Publish Date and Time

12. Then, adjust the date and time you want to upload photos on Instagram. If it is already click knob ‘OK‘.

Adjust the Date and Time of Uploading Photos on Instagram

13. If you have, you click knob ‘Save‘.

Select Save

14. Well, if it works, uploading photos on your Instagram will appear, that way you already know how to upload Instagram photos automatically.

Automatically Uploaded Photos on Instagram