How to upgrade weapons with Genshin Impact and tips

Genshin Impact is an RPG game where you have to complete many quests and fight many monsters. Monsters get harder the more you explore the map. Therefore, you should continue to upgrade your weapons so that you can do more damage.

There are many types of weapons in Genshin Impact. There are swords, bows, spears, books and more. Each weapon is divided by star hierarchy. From the simplest weapon, 1 star, to 5 star, which is very rare but has very good basic stats and effects.

There are two ways to upgrade your Genshin Impact weapon. In other words Strengthen And Refine..

Difference between enhancement and refinement

Strengthen Is a way to upgrade your weapon by using other weapons and enhanced ore to raise the level of your weapon. The higher the rarity of the weapon or ore sacrificed to upgrade the weapon, the higher the level of weapons available.

As the level goes up, the basic attack status of the weapon goes up. Bow Weapon Example The basic stats of a sharpshooter oath are level 1, basic ATK 39, and critical DMG 10.2%. After upgrading to level 19, your stats will increase significantly to base ATK 94 and critical DMG 18%.

Each weapon can be leveled up to level 20 before rare materials are needed to raise the weapon. Ascending a weapon will greatly increase your basic stats. You can then upgrade your Ascend weapons by another 20 levels.

Refine Is a weapon upgrade method that combines two identical weapons. Sophisticated weapons get additional or increased bonus effects.

Bow-shaped Weapon (Arrow) Example A sharpshooter oath has a bonus effect called Precise that increases damage by 24% when an arrow hits an enemy’s weakness. As Sharpshooter’s Oath refines, the Precise effect increases from 24% to 30%.

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Weapons can be refined up to 5 times, and each refinement increases the bonus effect of the weapon. Refine, unlike Enhance, does not increase the base stats like the base ATK, but it does increase the bonus effect that is effective in certain situations.

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How to strengthen weapons

  1. Tap the character icon in the upper right.
    Tap the character icon in the upper right to start upgrading weapons with Genshin Impact
  2. Tap the “Weapon” menu for the character of the weapon you want to enhance.
    Tap a weapon to upgrade the weapon of the required character.
  3. Tap the “Strengthen” button at the bottom right.
    Tap the upgrade icon to start upgrading your weapon
  4. Select the material you want to sacrifice to strengthen your weapon. If you don’t want to bother selecting materials one by one, you can use the Auto Add feature.
  5. Tap the “Enhance” button at the bottom right.

Weapon refining method

  1. Tap the character icon in the upper right.
  2. Tap the “Weapon” menu of the character of the weapon you want to strengthen.
  3. Tap the “Enhance” button at the bottom right.
  4. Tap “Refine”
    Tap the refine button to start refining your weapon
  5. Make sure you have the same weapon you want to upgrade. Next, tap “Same weapon material”.
    Find the same weapon to refine.Genshin Impact Weapon Upgrade
  6. Tap the “Refine” button at the bottom right.

Weapon upgrade tips, don’t take the wrong strategy

To upgrade weapons 3-5 stars.. It’s a shame to use materials to upgrade the readily available 1-2 star weapons, as the effects and base stat increases of 1-2 star weapons are much farther than 3-5 stars. is.

Instead, use 1-2 star weapons as upgrade materials. Fortified ore is very difficult to obtain only by mining treasure chests or rocks. On the other hand, 1-2 star weapons are readily available and provide a decent EXP to raise the weapon level.

These are hints from SPINE sports of the Genshin Impact Weapon Upgrade Game. Here you can find a complete list of Tier 1 to Tier 5 Genshin Impact weapons.

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