How to upgrade Telegram to Supergroup

The various excellent features that are presented make the Telegram application visible. One such function is the supergroup function. What are supergroups? Supergroup is a feature that enables us to act as a Administrator do group different to group normal.

Groups that already have Update Supergroup members can take up to more than 5000 members. Different to group which can only accommodate 200 members. In addition, as administrators, we can also pin messages that are considered important.

The pinned message stays at the top of the screen group and become a flag or notification for other members who missed important news or announcements. Would you like to know how to create a supergroup on Telegram? see like the following.

Video tutorials


1. It is highly recommended to use the mod version of Telegram so that grouping groups is easier. You’re welcome download First multigram application.

2. Then open the app Tap then select in the navigation menu New group. Next, add some members to the group and if you have Tap Check mark in the right corner.

3. Enter the group name and Tap check again if you have that. Next Tap on the last group name Tap back to symbol 3 white dots on the right.

4. Select the Convert to Supergroup menu, there will be a warning, just tap Convert to Supergroup again and select OK.

This is an easy way toUpdate Telegram to supergroups. If there are any problems, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section. Much luck.

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