How to update the firmware (OS) on a rooted Android

Maybe there are some of you whose Android is already on root but can not update Firmware or operating system? Yes, that is one of the consequences of rooting on Android. But don’t worry, this time I’ll write down how to do it Firmware update in Smartphone which wasrooted.

Prepare the ingredients in advance. There are only 2 ingredients, namely:


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1. To install first the two ingredients.

2. When you have selected frame and choose install update

3. If you start anew your android.

4. Open Xposed again and bring up the menu module and check wanam xposed.

5. Start anew your android again.

6. Open wanam xposed.

7. Choose Security hacks and tick fake system status.

8th. Start anew your android again.

9. If so, please update the software / operating system (Firmware) You.

The function of wanam is not just to update the software, but there are more functions. And the Xposed feature isn’t just that. You can find what you need below Download menu and choose which application you need. There are examples Pokemon Go joystick module. There are also interesting topics and much more. That’s all of me. Hopefully useful to you.

Remarks : if the above method doesn’t work Please update your software with Odin. If you can’t, wait for the next tutorial from me.

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