How to Unregister a Registered Card (100% Successful)

Hello smart friends! Previously once provided a way to register various types of prepaid cards in accordance with government regulations. As is known, 1 KK and NIK numbers are only valid for 3 SIM cards.

Well, this time the cellular operator has provided features unreg to cancel the registration of the card that has been registered.

Curious how? Come on, read how to unregister the card The first thing that provides is the following.

How to Unregister a Registered Prime Card

1. How to Unregister Telkomsel Card



How to unregister a registered Tsel card can be done by accessing the following Phone USSD:

First, go to Phone then phone access to the number *4444#.

Second, select menu number 3 or UNREG.

Third, enter the 16 digit number NIK that you registered on the card. Then press send.

Then your Telkomsel card has been successfully unregistered.

2. How to Unregister Card 3 (Tri)



Create card users Tri, you can unregister the card SIM through the official website in the following ways:

First, visit the Tri Number Registration website.

Second, select menu Unreg.

Third, enter number Tri you and number NIK that you registered at the time of registration.

Fourth, request a secret code that will be sent to your number.

Fifth, enter the received secret code. Then check the box I’m not a robot.

Sixth, click send.

3. How to Unregister XL or AXIS Card



Well, for XL and AXIS card users, you can use the following two easy ways.

First can use dial USSD to *123*4444#. Or you can do unreg by sending sms UNREG#NumberXL/AXIS# send to 4444.

4. How to Unregister Indosat Card

Indosat Ooredoo

Indosat Ooredoo

For users Indosat Ooredoo, you can easily unregister by sending an SMS with the format UNPAIR#Phone Number# then send to 4444.

5. How to Unregister Smartfren Card



For Smartfren card users, all you have to do is send a message with the format UNREG#NIK# then send to 4444. That way your Smartfren card will be processed for unreg.

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Well, those are some ways to unregister a card that has been registered easily and quickly. Do not forget share This article is for your friends!

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