How to unlock the Android screen with signature

Tired of the same app lock pattern? Or are you still feeling insecure with the screen pen lock? Well, on this occasion, the author will give tips on how to lock the screen with a signature.

Most smartphone users only use their smartphone for social media and also for gaming. But it is not uncommon for you to use it to store important documents and files. In fact, there are many smartphone lock applications that we can find on the Google Play Store.

However, many and almost all of these applications share almost the same functions and characteristics in terms of security. When we use a lock screen with a pattern or a pin, sometimes it is still possible to guess.

But what if the screen lock is our signature? This is of course very secure as only we can use the signature. Curious how? Just go to the tutorial below.

Video tutorials:


1. Download and install the gesture lock screen application from the Play Store.

Download the gesture lock screen application

2. Go to the Settings menu and select Lock screen & password.

3. Next Tap Set a screen lock, then tap Turn off lock to turn off the built-in lock Smartphone weather.

4. Open the Gesture lock screen app and tap CREATE GESTURES. Then draw your signature on the screen.

5. Next Tap CREATE RECOVERY PASSWORD do password Backup if you forget the signature pattern you created earlier.

6th Tap OK on Allow drawing from other apps Then tap Allow drag over other apps again.

7th Tap At Gesture color Change color Gestures that you made.

8th. Tap Background substitute background on the lock screen. You can add your own photo or picture tap MY PHOTOS If it is already Tap SET BACKGROUND.

9. You can finally try to lock Smartphone You and open it with a signature.

Complete. much luck

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