How to turn your phone into an Android camera monitor

Trouble when you want to press the button Clasp Camera if selfie or wefie? Well, you could use some help Smartphone another to photograph him. You must be confused how to do it, okay, so let’s get to the point below.

Smartphones and sophistication

Smartphone more than just a means of communication these days. Many tools have been replaced by Smartphone. For example, recorder, radio, mp3, Video player, camera and many others.

When we talk on the camera, it just feels right Smartphone many out there are already equipped with cameras Megapixels Size. So that it can produce photos with the best resolution and color.

Because it’s demanding Smartphone and the ease with which it is in the hand, we can easily photograph or photograph everything selfie everywhere and everytime.

Even though a camera like a DSLR is still the number one choice when you want to get good photos epos. There is nothing wrong with using a camera Smartphone Make photos. As long as we know the tricks like lighting and also the shooting angle.

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Well, sometimes we can have trouble taking photos as well. Actually, we can also use the camera’s timer menu or the button volume. For some Smartphone there is already a setting to change the button Clasp with button volume.

Even if you cannot use third-party applications. But take this opportunity to make it even easier with the help of the Say Cheese application. This application helps us remotely Smartphone when shooting. For anyone who is curious and can’t wait, just go down here to see Tutorialshis.

Video tutorials


1. Here we are using the Say Cheese application, so download it and To install First the Say Cheese application.

2. Grant access to the Say Cheese application by tapping the Allow All menu. Then on the menu Pop-up tap enable.

How to make a cellphone as an Android camera monitor

3. Make sure you have tooTo install and activate the Say Cheese application Smartphone Another. So it’s automatic when we open the Say Cheese application on Smartphone We will immediately look for devices nearby that activate the same application. The device to be connected appears later Tap CONNECT and wait for the process pairing a moment ago.

How to make a cellphone as an Android camera monitor

4. When connected it looks the same as a normal camera, but here we can see what it looks like Smartphone us with the camera in Smartphone Another. You can also change settings with. input Tap the gear icon.

How to make a cellphone as an Android camera monitor

5. You can change the display name via the Rename device menu device You when connected and you will also see the photos in the gallery menu. You can also turn off the sound sound Clasp Camera in the sound menu.

How to make a cellphone as an Android camera monitor


So the Say Cheese application is really helping those of us who are having trouble taking pictures with the button Clasp. The disadvantage, of course, is that we 2. to need Smartphone to be able to do this. Much luck!

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