How to turn videos into comic strips on Android

Most people would love to read comics. But have you ever thought about making your videos look like comics? If so, and curious how to do it. Check Tutorials fully in the article below.

There must be a lot of applications right now editing Videos that we can find on the Play Store. From apps that only editing easy to expert. Naturally editing Today’s video is very simple, we don’t need a PC or computer editing.

By using Smartphone Can we also editing which is pretty good. Editing activities is a lot of fun indeed, especially for those of you who are popular on social media and who share photos and videos like Instagram. I definitely want to make a video that is different and looks unique. Well, this time around, Inwepo also has a few tips to make your videos look more unique. One of them is to turn your video into a comic book.

How to turn videos into comic strips on Android

1. The first and most important step is To install first the storyboard application in Smartphone She.

2. In the second step, open the Storyboard application and then make sure that you give the application permission to access files on the device with Tap ENABLE. Next select menu LOAD VIDEO in the middle of the screen.

3. Select a video from the gallery Smartphone Then wait a few moments for your video processing to finish.

4. After the processing is done, you will see that the video has turned into a comic. To change comic book style, stay scroll Low. All cartoon images have multiple frames or frame coincidentally. The result is as follows.

5. After you find the right comic style, you can save it right away or share it on your social media Tap anywhere to bring up hidden menus and Tap on Save.

This is a tutorial on how to convert a video into a comic strip on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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