How to turn short urls into emoji links

Existence of a shortened site Url in the world of the Internet is very important, because with the shortened side, Url, we can shorten it shortcut long, hide shortcut Belonging and various other needs.

If you want to cut back Url, most of us will be using or tinyurl as both sites are very famous. In fact, besides and tinyurl, there are other sites that we can use, namely linkmoji.

Linkmoji is a little different from the shortening side Url others, like and tinyurl, because this one site is able to do shortcut long or shortcut that you want to shorten into an emoji. You are bored with shortcut Text, please refer to this page.

As for the manufacture shortcut in the form of emojis on linkmoji, you can see the tutorial below.


1. Go to the Linkmoji site

2. Enter shortcut that you want to shorten Enter a link here, then press Enter.

3. The process is complete and you can copy shortcut already finished.

If you are not satisfied with the resulting emoji, you can change it with a click adjust and please choose 6 emojis you like.

By using Linkmoji, Short url or Url Short you do will look funnier and more unique. After all, there has been no cut side up to now Url others that offer results shortcut in the form of emojis other than Linkmoji.

This is the tutorial on how to do it Short url Be emoji links. Hope it’s useful.

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