How to turn photos into watercolor with Photoshop

We have certainly all known and seen many watercolors. These watercolors are very nice to look at and what makes him a very reliable painter.

Well, for those who want our photos to be turned into watercolors, don’t worry, it turns out that we can just make them using the Photoshop application. Here is a tutorial on how to easily convert photos to watercolors using the Photoshop application:

The first step :

Paste the photo we’re going to take in watercolor into Photoshop.

Second step:

Duplicate the photo in 3 layers (by pressing Ctrl + J 2 times).

Third step :

Focus on the first layer and first turn off the eye marker on the copy of layer 1. Click Filters – Filler Gallery – Cotout – Set value (example: 5,3,2), click OK.

Fourth step:

Change Blending mode Will Brightness.

Fourth step:

Focus on Layer 1 copy by activating the eye marker Copy layer 1. click Fountain Pen> Filler Gallery> Dry Brush > Set value (example: 10,10,3), click OK.

Fifth step:

Change Blending mode At Layer 1 copy Will Lighten.

Sixth step:

Still on Copy of level 1, Click – filler – noise – median, Set the value according to the picture (every picture is different). If you think the value is sufficient, just click OK.

Seventh step:

Alltogether layers to become one laymanr includes layers background by right-clicking Mouse> Merge Layers.

Eighth step:

Adjust image brightness Click Image – Adjustment – Brightness / Contrast – Set the value according to the picture (each picture has a different value).

Step nine:

Also adjust the image level, click Image – adjustment – level – Set the value level according to the picture (each picture has a different value).

Done The photo or image has been successfully converted to watercolor using only the Photoshop application.

Picture forward in to edit :

Image after Tue to edit :

If the above tutorial is not clear, you can watch the following video:

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