How to turn photos into lipping videos

Seeing smacking singers on TV is nothing new. But what happens when you make your own lipsing video as is currently popular on Tik Tok? The capital is very simple, all you have to do is provide photos, videos of the singers you want to use and the Telegram application.


Why the Telegram app? Although the Telegram application is known as a messaging chat application, the bots it contains can bring various conveniences and benefits to the users of this application. Telegram bots are nothing more than artificial intelligence (AI) in the Telegram application without disrupting the interface.

By using bots in the Telegram application, users can attend classes, view their own stickers, create quizzes, change faces, and even edit video appearances.

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To turn a photo into a lip video, we’ll use a bot called Round DeepFake. This bot uses deepfake technology. Put simply, deepfakes are defined as technology that can change faces in videos. There are already several applications on the Play Store that offer this service, including an application Doublecat: face swap.


1. Prepare photos and videos in advance. The maximum video duration is only 10 seconds.

2. In the next step, open the browser on your smartphone and tap Next click the button Send massage to open the Round DeepFake bot in the Telegram app – click the button begin Using bots directly.

How to turn photos into lipping videos

3. Before using the bot, first select the language to use – select Indonesian – then click the start button

How to turn photos into lipping videos

4. Next, send the photo you prepared earlier – Click the link icon to browse for photos – Select the photo and click the Send button. Wait for an answer Photo ready of bots.

How to turn photos into lipping videos

5. Next, send the video – click the @ RoundDFDB link to find videos from Telegram Channel Round DeepFake database. Select a video – click the three dot icon in the top right corner of the video – and select save in gallery.

How to turn photos into lipping videos

6. Next, click the link icon to search for the video and click the Submit button.

How to turn photos into lipping videos

7. Then the bot offers several display mode options, namely Standard, Face Swap and Advanced. Choose according to your needs but if you are confused just choose the mode Originally.

Finally, the bot asks for confirmation that the selected display mode is correct. When you click the button Yes that’s right.

How to turn photos into lipping videos

8. Wait a moment and here is the smacking video. and done.

How to turn photos into lipping videos


It’s no secret that the Telegram application is not just a chat application. The Telegram application allows users to create a wide variety of interesting products. One of them is video liping with deepfake technology.

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