How to turn photos into anime effects on Android

Lots of users lately Instagram those from Japan and also from South Korea who upload photos with anime look like films Anime.


It turns out that it is very simple and also very simple, different from the previous tutorials if you want to change the effect of our photos using the application Picsay professional for Android and also the Photoshop application this time with the help of the application Everfilter.

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This application can be downloaded from Load game and this application is also only specifically intended for converting photos into effects Animesuch as changing the appearance of the sky, clouds and also the colors of the edited object, making the result look like a cartoon from Japan. here is the guide:

How to Turn Photos into Anime Effects on Android

1. Download and install the app Everfilter in Load game.

2. Open the app Everfilter and enter the photo you want to upload to edit try to write by pressing the button.

3. Select the photo you want to edit and wait until Loading done, then the photo changes automatically.

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4. The photo was completed by showing effects Anime a photo effect is created automatically Anime during the day but if we want to change it to a night effect we can press the icon or symbol the one with the moon at the bottom left.

And after the technique of converting the photo to anime effect is successfully done, the photo can be edited share to facebook, twitter or other social media can also be saved directly in WL.

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Remarks: This effect will be more perfect if you are used to itto edit Pictures or landscapes.

Here are some sample images after editing.

Complete. Much luck!

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