How to Turn Photos Into Animated Disney Characters

Are you a fan of Disney’s animated films? If so, have you ever imagined yourself to be one of the animated characters in Disney films? If so, this one application should give you a try. This application is called ToonMe. This application can instantly turn your portrait into an animated Disney character.

Disney’s animated films have fans from all over the world. In addition to an interesting plot, the appearance of the animated character characters is also very interesting. Hence, every Disney animated film is eagerly awaited by fans around the world.

The ToonMe application is an application on the Play Store that can transform your portrait into an animated Disney character. By using AI (Artificial intelligence or Artificial Intelligence) in this application will automatically convert your portrait into animated characters and vectors. However, this ToonMe application can only be used for photos that show a character or a person.

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1. First download the application named. down ToonMe free in the play store and install. After the application is successfully installed on the Android device, simply open the ToonMe application.

2. On the main page, the ToonMe application has only two menus, namely and Feed. Click the menu to turn photos into animated Disney characters, or click the Feed menu to view photos of Disney characters from previous ToonMe app users.

3. Select the menu. Then click Select Photo to choose and locate your photo that will be used as a Disney animated character. Select a photo that is already available in the gallery, or click the camera to take a photo directly. Important: Use photos that only show a character or person.

How to turn photos into animated Disney characters

4. Wait some time for the AI ​​(Artificial intelligence) in the application, finish converting your photo to an animated Disney character. Done, here’s a look at the Disney cartoon characters.

5. Click the DOWNLOAD IN HD button to save the photo. In addition, photos with animated Disney characters are displayed, this ToonMe application also offers other cartoon ads and vector portraits.

How to turn photos into animated Disney characters


So what are the results of your animated Disney character ad using the ToonMe application? It must be very interesting. Don’t forget to share the looks of your Disney animated characters on social media accounts. In addition, you can also take photos of animated Disney characters to profile photos on chat accounts and social media accounts.

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