How to turn photo clichés into digital photos on Android

Since the advent of digital cameras at the end of the 21st century, the popularity of analog cameras has declined. Paired with the current Android and IOS devices, we can take pictures quickly and easily anywhere, anytime.

An analog camera is a camera that uses film media to take pictures or images and does not produce digital images. Analog itself means a signal that is captured from the outside and processed as a whole to achieve the best results.

The only difference between analog cameras and digital cameras lies in the storage media. Analog cameras store image data in clichés, while digital cameras store images in digital form so that you can enjoy your recordings immediately.

Analog cameras record with color negative film, slide film, and black and white. While digital cameras record with pixels or Image elements that’s the basic element of the movie.

Unlike digital cameras, taking photos from analog cameras requires a somewhat complicated method. But for those of you who have photo stereotypes from analog cameras and want to print them out, don’t worry? By using the Photo Negative Scanner application: Viewing and converting color film, we can capture photos that are contained in clichés.

Then how do you turn photo clichés into digital photos using the Photo Negative Scanner application on Android? Let’s just follow a few simple steps below.


1. Prepare the photo cliché that you want to turn into a digital photo.

2. Download Photo negative scanner: App for displaying and converting color films in the Google Play Store for free and To install the application on your Android device.

3. Find a steady light source, lamp, or laptop screen.

4. Open the Photo Negative Scanner Application: View and Convert Color Film. Position the photo cliché in front of the light source with the photo object in the application frame. To start taking photos, click something in the box click to calibrate‘.

5. Click the camera icon to take a photo. Interestingly, this application also shows the colors that are in the cliché.

6th harvest on the unneeded part of the photo. When the photo display meets the requirements, click the check mark icon.

7. Done, the photo is automatically saved directly to your device gallery. Click on the icon share to share photos with your chat application or social media application. It’s that simple, isn’t it.

That is the explanation of the tutorial ‘How to convert photo clichés into digital photos on Android’. Much luck.

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