How to turn off video-recommended notifications on Youtube Android

As one of the largest social media outlets, Youtube (developed by Google) is one of the platform that has a very personal algorithmic logic that adapts to the interactions and activities of its users as a whole channel which he Subscribe to.

Following the title of this article, we’ll focus on the algorithm for providing video recommendations (including notifications), which is closely related to the user’s viewing history. If the user is watching a video that is not from channel which he Subscribe to (or those outside of the YouTube user’s viewing criteria), YouTube automatically offers the latest viewing recommendations for users if the user has viewed at least 1 video (against channel what he doesn’t do Subscribe to). In the context of notifications, this is of course very annoying when the user just wants to receive notifications channel that he has Subscribe to.

As one of the measures against advanced notifications platform Youtube, in this article we will try to deactivate the notification function for video recommendations on Youtube.

Remarks: Application-oriented article content Cell phone, mobile phone Youtube (both Android and iOS). The same goes for pages network Youtube.


1. In the Youtube app, Click on the logo / picture User picture Your account is in the top right corner of the application page. Later we will see a list of options for your account.

2. On the account page, choose an option settings (/ Settings) represented by the gear logo. Later we will be redirected to the settings page for the relevant account.

3. On the settings page, Select notification option. Later we will be redirected to a page related to the mechanism for sending information to the appropriate application.

4. On the Notifications page, more precisely in the Cellular Notification column, Uncheck the Recommended Video option by Slider which was provided.

Remarks: If you disable the Video Recommended Notification option, we will only receive the latest video information for future notifications channel What we have Subscribe to.

This is a tutorial on how to turn off video recommendation notifications on Youtube. Hope it’s useful.

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