How to turn off the auto-correct feature on the Google keyboard

GBoard is a virtual keyboard application developed by Google for Android and iOS devices. It is no different from other applications where GBoard also has many useful functions. One function that is very useful in everyday life is that Autocorrectiont or Autotext.

Specialty Autocorrection has a function of correcting typos, so using the a featureAutocorrection This will automatically help you write the reasoning of the word without deleting it and then typing the correct one, but just one click and the wrong word will be correct automatically. However, what if the functions Autocorrection Instead, change the words we entered to deviate from their meaning.

Because by activating the functions Autocorrection On GBoard, the Indonesian words we normally use are automatically corrected into English. So it’s no wonder the meaning of the words we type changes. But don’t worry, for more convenient typing, you can turn this feature off now.

How to disable or disable the feature Autocorrection on GBboard:


1. Go to the menu ‘arrangement‘on your Android device.

2. Find and click the side arrow icon ‘Additional settings‘.

3. Click on the side arrow symbol ‘Keyboard & input method‘.

4. Click on the side arrow symbol ‘GBboard‘.

5. Select in the GBoard settings’Text correction‘.

6. Search menu ‘Right‘and deactivate the function’AutoCorrect‘.

7. Now functions Autocorrection has been switched off.

8. How to deactivate the function Autocorrection GBoard is actually no different for all brands of Android devices, the only difference being the location of the Keyboard & Input Mode menu.

This is the explanation of the tutorial How to turn off the auto-correct feature on Google Keyboard. Much luck.

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