How to turn off Play Protect on Android

Google Play Protection is one of the security features designed to protect Android users from applications that are considered dangerous. The Play Protect function is already available for users of the Android Oreo operating system.

Because of the Play Protect feature embedded in the Google Play Store, then there are some applications that cannot be installed /clogged. One of them is the Lucky Patcher application, Happy patcher has been flagged as a dangerous application by Google, although it doesn’t necessarily harm users on Android.

When you try to install the Lucky Patcher application, it cannot be installed because Play Protect is blocking it.

Other examples such as For example, other people’s applications that we change when we make changes to the application or game, Play Protect will usually block or flag it if we don’t. Certificate signing.

Some of the features of Play Protect:

  • Play Protect performs a security check on apps from the Google Play Store before you download them.
  • Play Protect looks for potentially harmful apps from other sources on the device. These malicious applications are commonly called Malware.
  • Play Protect warns you when a potentially dangerous app is found and removes the malicious app from your device.

To solve this problem, do the following to /deactivate / deactivate Play Protect:

1. Go to the Google Play Store, added menu then choose Play shooter.

2. Deactivate next tap / slideScan devices for security threats” and “improved detection of malicious apps“. If it has been disabled, you will see the text Full scanning disabled.

Complete. Please try to install applications that could not be installed before or that have been marked as dangerous applications by Google Play Protect.

To activate Play Protect please Tap/ swipe back “Scan devices for security threats” and “improved detection of malicious apps“until you see no writing” Full scanning disabled.

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