How to turn off comments and dislikes on YouTube using mobile devices

Youtube is a platform Number 1 largest video in the world. Millions of videos have been made Upload and watched by internet users. When it comes to video content, there are of course positive and negative effects. Of course, if the video has a negative impact, there will be a lot of blasphemous comments and dislike of internet users.

For this, YouTube offers a function that can deactivate comments and buttons dislike so that when the function is activated, the comment column and the button like / dislike will not work.

If you are a YouTuber and one of the videos you ever had Upload There is something you do not like, surely internet users will leave negative comments and buttons don’t like for that you have to deactivate it.

Deactivate comment field and button to like or dislike on YouTube videos via HP Android and iOS (iPhone / iPad) this is how it works.

Video tutorials


1. Install the application first YouTube studio on HP Android or iOS (iPhone / iPad) you.

Download YouTube Studio Android

Download YouTube Studio iOS

2. Open the YouTube Studio app, then choose a video those who want comments or the Like / Dislike button will be deactivated or deactivated.

3. Tap on the pencil symbol to edit the selected video (see picture).

4. Next go to the menu “ADVANCED SETTINGS – Comments. You’re welcome Tap Stud “Allow comments”To disable comments and tap the“The user can view ratings for this video”To hide the amount like / dislike on videos.

5. to save, then you will see the words on your video “Comments are disabled for this video”. Likewise the amount not like / like the video won’t show unless you can see it for yourself if the video was a button beforeI like and dislike have been activated and preserved Reviews.

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