How to turn off automatic App Store app updates on iPhone

The iPhone has the ability to perform automatic updates, including automatic updates of iOS applications. In fact, the iOS application’s auto update feature is very useful as we no longer have to manually update the application.

The first time you buy an iPhone, the default settings on the iPhone allow automatic updates of this iOS application over wifi. Of course, compared to a cellular connection, Wifi offers a fast, stable and free connection.

Automatic app update function in the App Store Built into the iPhone is something that all users of the iOS platform look forward to. But not all users want this feature for several reasons. This automatic update feature enables your application to be updated automatically.

This feature itself becomes even more annoying when it turns out that automatic downloads can still be performed even when using cellular data. Because it can use up your internet quota because applications are updated without your permission. Apple itself gives users of the iOS platform the option to deactivate this function. For those of you who don’t know how to disable this feature, check out the tutorial below:

Tips: To deactivate this function, the battery of your smartphone must be full or not in mode Low current or weak force.

How to turn off automatic App Store updates on iPhone

1. Open Settings.

2. Scroll down, go to iTunes and app stores.

3. In the menu AUTOMATIC DOWNLOADS tap and turn off Update.

Done, now functions Update Car app Appstore was deactivated. Hope it’s useful

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