How to turn Instagram into beta

One of the main reasons why the Instagram application still exists and has many users all over the world is that the Instagram application carefully welcomes its users with various unique and interesting features and effects. In addition, most of these features and effects are not owned by other social media applications. Therefore, many users are curious when a new feature or effect is published in the Instagram application.

Instagram beta

When we talk about the latest features and effects of the Instagram application, we can also use functions and effects that were not officially published in the Instagram application. You do this by converting your Instagram application to a beta version. Getting the Instagram application to beta is not difficult either. You don’t have to reinstall the Instagram app or download additional apps. It is enough to just use the Play Store application.

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1. Open the Play Store application, then enter keywords in the search box Instagram and click the icon seek.

2. On the Instagram application page, scroll down until you find Features Join the beta program. click join to continue or click More to get more detailed information about the beta program before joining.

3. After clicking Join, there will be a notification panel that will let you know if you still want to join the beta program as the feature is under development, maybe Instagram beta is unstable? click join keep going.

How to turn Instagram into beta

4. A notification will then appear that your Instagram is being processed into the beta version. Wait a few minutes for your registration process to complete.

5. Don’t worry if the notification display is still the same after a few minutes. Just refresh the Instagram application page by clicking return Instagram app page and open the Instagram page again.

6. Done, your Instagram application has changed to a beta version. Now you can use the Instagram app and give input to the developer on the Instagram page in the Play Store app.

How to turn Instagram into beta


By moving your Instagram application to the beta version, you can take advantage of the latest features that were not released in the official version. They also give input directly to the Instagram application developer about the features in the application.

But if you want to go back to using the official version of the Instagram application. Proceed as described above on the Instagram page in the Play Store and then select Sign out in the Participate beta program function.

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