How to turn Android into CCTV Online

Hello loyal readers Inwepo. Today I share a Tutorials’How to turn your Android into CCTV‘.

A device is required here Android connected to a fast internet connection for monitoring CCTV runs smoothly.

Installation steps Android how CCTV :

1. Download IP webcam app from the Play Store.

2. Open the application.

3rd section ‘Connection settings’, Select ‘Local Broadcasting’.

How to Turn Android into CCTV Online

4. Choose ‘Password’.

5. Enter password used for monitoring.

6th taP ‘OK‘.

7. Return to the main page where ‘Connection settings’, Select “Cloud Streaming”.

How to Turn Android into CCTV Online 4-6

8. tick ‘Cloud streaming active‘.

9. TapYes sir‘.

10. Wait for the download to complete.

How to Turn Android to CCTV Online 7-9

11. Choose Register / Login for those who already have an account Ividron.

12. Wait Loading It is ready.

13. TapYes sir‘.

How to turn Android into CCTV Online 11-13

14th TapOK‘.

15. Back to the main page, select ‘Start server‘.

How to Turn Android to CCTV Online 14-15

Steps to connect to CCTV the :

A. When both devices are connected to the same WiFi network.

1. Record IP address listed below.


2. Open in the browser device else and enter IP the.

3. Enter Username and password that was created during the manufacturing step Android Will CCTV. (5th step).Screenshot_2021-10-30-22-16-59

4. You have connected to the CCTV.

B. When the two devices are not connected to the same network.

1. Go to the website


2. Sign in the account that was created during the creation step Android Will CCTV. (11th step)


3. You have to deal with. tied together Android monitoring You.


So ‘How to Turn Your Android into CCTV Online’. Good luck and hopefully useful. For everyone who wants itTutorial requests, you can write in the comment column :).

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