How to turn Android into a USB modem on PC

Sometimes the name bad luck happens without knowing the place and the time, for example the WLAN module of our laptop is suddenly damaged so that it does not want to be switched on, I tried to “inulate” Windows again and Driver updates WLAN still cannot switch on the WLAN on our laptop or PC.

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Want to use a LAN cable is out of date and the distance too Router very far. good trick emergency– is to be used Smartphone Our future Android recipient or WLAN receiver. So that it helps us to arrive module WiFi or hardware The WLAN was replaced by a new one. How to make Android as a USB modem on PC

1. Sign in to settings Android, in the WLAN area Hotspot & tethering Is there a function “USB tethering“If so, it could be Android recipient here is an example.

2. Take a data cable thatCopy Data (can read the memory), not only Charge. Then connect the data cable to your laptop and Android.

If there is a choice, choose Charge this device Just don’t choose file transfer, etc.

3. Make sure your laptop has recognized the device Smartphone She. It is usually installed automatically the first time driver Windows and don’t forget to make sure your Android is securely connected to the internet.

4. On function “USB tethering“Can be checked and Windows will automatically recognize it as an Internet connection on the USB connection.

5. Next, in Windows, check that it is connected in the menu Switchboard Window in Network and sharing center.

If it looks like the picture below, the connection is successful.

How to turn Android into a USB modem on PC for beginners who are new to the features of their Android devices.

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