How to turn Android into a microphone on a PC or laptop

Android is a sophisticated device and it has many amazing features, including using it as a smartphone microphone external for pc even if you don’t have microphone installed internally on your laptop to record the voice then this is the right way to use your Android as a microphone.

By saving your Android as a microphone then this would be a much better solution than having to use external microphone Miscellaneous. The method is very simple, you just have to connect your PC or laptop to Android via WiFi, Bluetooth or USB cable.

Here is a complete guide on how to use Android as a Microphones:

1. Make sure you connect Android to Windows PC.

2. Next download use W.OMNS along with the driver To install both on your PC.


3. Then download use WHERE MIC Android in the playstore.


4. Then open it WHERE MIC on Android and PC.

How to link WO MIC via WiFi:

A. WHERE MIC settings on Android

1. Make sure that the WiFi is switched on on your PC and Android.

2. Open WHERE MIC on your Android – choose THE SETTINGS.

3. Then choose Transport.

4. Next there are 3 options – you click on Wireless Internet access.

5. Then back to menu Main – click BEGINNING.

6. After clicking BEGINNING Make sure you get your PC’s IP address as shown below.

7. If after clicking BEGINNING but what you get is Make sure your Android Wifi is connected to your PC Wifi first.

Here are the settings WHERE MIC on Android it’s done and you move on to settings WHERE MIC on the PC.

B. WO MIC settings on PC:

1. Choose Connections – then choose Associate.

2. Select in the section wireless Internet access.

3. Then adjust the IP address WHERE MIC PC with the one on your Android – click Next OK.

4. If successful, the result will look like the figure below.


This method is almost the same as using WIFI, although this way is easier.

A. WHERE MIC settings on Android:


2. Choose transport.

3. Click on Bluetooth and back to menu mainly.

4. Next click BEGINNING.

B. WO MIC settings on the PC.

1. Select link – then select associate.

2. Click on Bluetooth, On the right, select the Bluetooth device that you want to assign – then click on OK. Complete.

How to connect the WO MIC with a USB cable:

For this USB mode, make sure that the functions Troubleshooting is active on your Android, the USB driver is already installedTo install on your PC or laptop, and of course Android is already connected to the PC via a USB cable.

A. For WO MIC settings on Android as follows

1. open minded WHERE MIC – click THE SETTINGS.

2. Choose transport.

3. Click on USB and return to the main menu – Click BEGINNING.

B. WO MIC settings on PC:

1. Choose link – then select associate.

2. Click on USB – Then click OK.


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