How to turn an Android smartphone into a Nokia 3310 Mobile

Who doesn’t know the Nokia 3310? Nokia 3310 or Nokia Jadul is one of the HP legendary in time. However, the Nokia 3310 may now be very dated. Lots of people prefer Smartphone like your mobile phone, and not the Nokia 3310. Not without reason, because the Nokia 3310 can no longer stand today’s needs. However, some of you may want to get nostalgic for the Nokia 3310 but haven’t found it.

In fact, Nokia released a new variant of the Nokia 3310 called Nokia 3310 Reborn. However, this variant is certainly very different from the old version. The features presented and the appearance also move with the times. Well, for those of you who want to relive the old Nokia 3310, you can turn your Android into a Nokia 3310 Reborn. How one?

How to turn Android into Nokia 3310 phone.


1. Download an application to turn your Android into a Nokia 3310, e.g. B. 3310 Phone Retro in the PlayStore

2. To install .apk file that you have download previously.

3. If you have Open minded 3310 phone retro app.

4. Your Android screen will immediately switch to the old version of Nokia 3310 HP.

Note: This 3310 Phone Retro application is the closest to Nokia 3310 replica HP application with all of the functionality of the Nokia 3310 provided here.

5. However, there is one minor modification in this application which is the camera function. Of course if you are a user Smartphone have a camera so this app adds a camera feature to maximize the user experience.

6. To return to Android mode, just press the scroll key home or Return.

Isn’t it easy to turn your Android into a Nokia 3310 phone?

This is a tutorial on how to change Smartphone Android means HP Nokia 3310. Good luck.

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