How to turn an Android phone into a 3-Dof controller VR

Virtual Reality is a renewable continuation of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or VR that you can use in various applications device For now, you can use a laptop / PC provided you have a virtual reality device like HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, and others. Besides using PCs and VR devices, you can actually use them Smartphone it has sensors gyroscope and tried some VR games that are provided in the Google Playstore, although the games in the Google Playstore are not like the games provided for the PC (Steam Game), but according to the author it is sufficient with limited devices.

But with a few simple and complex tricks, you can get its benefits Smartphone They are like a VR device that can be plugged into a laptop / PC but unfortunately you generally won’t be able to have a controller like a VR PC / laptop so you will need at least 1 Smartphone again to make it a controller but only 1 yes if you want 2 controllers you need to have 3 at least Smartphone which is imperative to have a sensor gyroscopeif you are curious how, here is the tutorial.


Before starting the tutorial below, you must read the tutorial How to play SteamVR using Android / iOS smartphone

You must have 2 Smartphone Everyone Smartphone have sensors gyroscope


1. You buy and install the application first Vridge controller on Smartphone Your second costs around Rp. 70,000 if you pay with credit.

2. When you have paid, you will receive a payment notification via your SMS if you pay with credit, e. B. Telekomsel credit.

3. You open the app Riftcat 2.0 on your PC / laptop to launch the SteamVR application.

4. Don’t forget to connect the app Riftcat 2.0 to Smartphone Your first time, and if it’s already connected, open the app Vridge controller At Smartphone The second appears in the search process 1 device Which device this is your laptop / pc, you Tap At device and the controller is connected.

5. Enter yourself Run SteamVR then 1 controller will appear which looks like the picture below.

6. Done.

Remarks : Vridge controller changes the display by showing multiple buttons like a VR controller in general. To see in more detail how it works, you can take a look at it pendant and video tutorials provided by the company making this application.

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