How to turn a Xiaomi phone into a TV remote control

With the presence of the Android operating system in this day and age, it makes it easier for us to carry out all activities or work by hand Smartphone and did you know that all electronic devices using the latest system can be connected or controlled via Smartphone Android such as TV, AC, DVD, projector, etc.

Maybe there are some Xiaomi users who don’t know Smartphone This Android can be used to receive TV, AC, DVD and other devices remotely. Or maybe someone already knows but is confused how to use it.

Naturally Smartphone The Xiaomi you are using must already support the IR function or Infrared Red internally. This method can be used for any TV model as long as it is on the list of TV brands on the Mi Remote (Xiaomi’s default application). Here are the steps.

Video tutorials


1. Make sure your TV is on. Enter the app Mi remote control Select Add remote control then choose TV.

2. Next Select TV brand that you are using, in this example with Spicy. There will be a button test later, so answer according to the circumstances whether your TV is responding or not. And don’t forget to direct Smartphone you go to the tv.

3. After completing the button test, you will be prompted to change the device name later Tap only Successfully coupled. Then show remote control= it will come out like the picture below.

Complete. How easy is it not? If you are still confused, please watch the video tutorial above.

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