How to turn a laptop into a WiFi hotspot

Did you know that your previous laptop can also be used as a laptop? WiFi hotspot and allow other devices to connect to it. This way you can share your internet connection with several other devices.

Even you can do it WiFi hotspot when your laptop is connected to the network Wireless Internet access another and share the connection with other devices.

This method uses a third party application, namely Connectifi hotspot, This app is available for window 7, 8 and 10. Connectifi hotspot It’s very easy to use and keeps you connected anytime, anywhere.

This application is free, but if you want to use more features without the limitations of this application, you need to purchase it in order to use the Pro version of this application like WiFi repeater or wired router functions.

How to turn your laptop into a WiFi hotspot Connectifi hotspot.


1. Download and To install first application Connect hotspot on your laptop.

2. Open the app Connect hotspot, At Hotspot name you can change the name Hot spot according to your wishes.

3. You can change Hotspot password according to your wishes.

4. And make sure you ticked it Ad blockers to save Bandwidth and your laptop battery.

5. Now click on Start hotspot, then connect the device or Smartphone She.

This is the tutorial on how to turn a laptop into a WiFi hotspot. Hope it’s useful.

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