How to turn a laptop into a hotspot without additional applications

It is undeniable that an internet connection is one of the most important human needs right now. Almost anything can be accessed and done with an internet connection. It is also very easy to get internet access Smartphone All you have to do is use a data packet or use a network wireless Internet access or network LAN.

So far we know that in Smartphone there are functions tie up or share a connection to allow the internet connection from one Smartphone can be used by device other connected. It turns out that this is now easily possible on a laptop supported by a capable operating system, and this feature can be used without the help of other tools such as routers or routers. software Additive.

In order to be able to create a hotspot on a laptop, your laptop must use the Windows 10 operating system, as this version supports this function. If your laptop is not using Windows 10, then immediately update the operating system to get this very interesting feature.

Here is a tutorial on how to turn a laptop into a hotspot with no router and no router software Additive.


1. Make sure your laptop already has an internet connection that will be shared later.

2. click Network logo at the bottom right, if there is none, it means that it is at. is hidden symbols.

3. To activate Hot spot Click on Mobile hotspot, then the button changes color to blue to indicate Hot spot is active and can be used.

4. How to define the name Hot spot and password, Right click Mobile hotspot that was then click Go to Settings .

5. click To edit to edit the name and password your hotspot.

6. Name Hot spot you can change that part Network name, whereas password can be changed to Network password.

7. Done, Hot spot appears and can be used on device Miscellaneous.

This is a tutorial on how to make a laptop a hotspot without any additional applications, hopefully it will be useful.

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