How to translate text on pictures or photos

For students, especially college students, they are often confused with English packaged material especially when the instructor asks for an assignment to summarize 1 chapter of the English written material, like it or not, we have to pay for services. Translate or menTranslate one by one and you can imagine how long it will take Translate 1 chapter.

Here I will share a tutorial on how Translate write quickly with pictures and not use complicated, just take a photo of the page and google it Translate will translate immediately.

1. Download and To install Google Translate application on your Android / iOS.

Download Google Translate Android

Download Google Translate iOS

2. On the home screen you will be asked to select create Google Translate, and when you want translate offline (not recommended) as you need a good internet connection to downloaddownload. Tap Done when you are done with the selection.

3. You can reset the language to be used Translate according to your requirements.

4th Tap the icon the camera on the left to start taking photos.

5. Point your camera, for example, at the object you want to take a photo of and Tap Camera sign for captured. if you took a picture before you can Tap the icon Square in the lower left to connect to that Cell phone gallery You. Wait for the process.

6. Google Translate will do scan For the text subject, make sure you are connected to an internet connection.

7. then you can Tap At Select all icon what’s at the bottom to translate everything text/ If you only want to translate certain parts, you can Highlights use your finger on text what you want is like the example that was given.

8. Google is loading. downTranslate text you have selected and wait a few moments.

9. Afterwards Translate When you are done it will automatically appear in the main menu and you can see 2 parts, with the result of the photo at the top and the result of the translation at the bottom. Don’t forget to double check.

10. At the bottom there is a square mark for Copy Translation results and you can choose too symbol Item 3 for share Translation result / do reverse translation.

11. Results Translate you are automatically logged in to story to be able to see it again.

12. Done.


This application can also work for copying text from photos directly to ms.word without having to type and just with copy paste

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