How to trade items on Steam

Steam is one of the software or platform which focuses on the gaming aspect where there are many sales of different types of pc / computer based games. Some of the games that are known and are currently being played are in part from platform Steam. Some of these games range from DOTA 2, CSGO to themed games Battle Royale like PUBG. In fact, of the many games on offer, some are free (play for free) and some get paid.

Aside from the game’s good number and quality, Steam also has a wide variety of cosmetic items that can aid the game. For example in the game DOTA 2, where many cosmetic items can be offered and traded. In addition to the types of transactions in the form of buying and selling items, we can also swap items or buy and sell items Merchandise between Steam account holders. Technically, in this item trading system, both Steam account owners will exchange items according to the wishes of both parties.

On this occasion, the author will provide a tutorial on how to trade items in the Steam application. The steps can be seen as follows:

1. Open the Steam application on your PC or laptop.

2. Select your account name from the Start menu, then select Inventory.

3. On the menu Inventory, click Trade offers top right.

4. Select the next step new trade offers.

5. Choose your friend what you want to do Merchandise. When you clicked on your friend’s account.

6. Then you enter the page Merchandise. For more details, namely:

  • at # 1 is a list of items you have
  • in number 2 you choose the item from which type of game you want trade
  • in # 3 is a detail of the items you have from certain games as well as items that can be purchased acts. When it is selected, move the item to the right box (arrow)

7. Next you can select articles inventory your friend. Move the desired element into the field at the bottom right (arrow direction).

8. When you have clicked the check mark ready to act. Then choose Make offers.

All you have to do is wait for your friends’ confirmation to do so Merchandise. So the tutorial in doing Merchandise in the Steam application. Hope it’s useful.

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