How to Track Lost Android Phones, All Types of Smartphones! (Updated)

Step by step how to track the position of an Android cellphone Lost, dropped or stolen – Maybe there are some friends who use Android-based smartphone devices have lost their favorite gadget or maybe just hidden it by a friend, or forgot to put it maybe?. It turns out that there is an easy and simple way to find a lost, tucked or just ‘hidden’ cellphone with only the default Android application itself. below I will explain step by step how to track the lost android phone.

Step by step how to track the position of a lost android cellphone How to track a lost android cellphone, all types of smartphones!  (Updated)
Previously I will give a little clarification about the initial preparation. For Android users are required to always activate the features of the Google settings application (image of the google settings application as shown below). So, if you haven’t activated the features in the application, it’s impossible for your cellphone to be found. because in the tracking system uses location accuracy with GPS protection. Well, for those who haven’t lost their cellphones (hopefully it doesn’t happen) then this feature must be activated just in case one day the Android cellphone is lost (hopefully it doesn’t happen … amen).

Currently, there are many lost cell phone tracking applications, whether it’s tucked away, stolen, or just forgetting to put the cellphone. Some smartphone brand vendors even have their own applications, just take the pattern Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, Asus, Samsung and several other types. Also see how track OPPO Lost or Stolen HP when it’s off / Off

In essence, every lost Android phone can be searched again using other devices such as computers or laptops or android phones, and the average android smartphone manufacturer currently has its own feature to track lost (lost) cellphones by using an account on the smartphone. the

Especially for Samsung HP users whose cellphones are lost, please see the complete tips at: How to find a lost Samsung cellphone

Actually, Google itself as the owner of the android system has previously offered special features and applications that can be used to find or track the whereabouts of an android cellphone complete with MAP or Maps. Some android phone manufacturers actually work almost the same way in tracking the position of the smartphone, namely via an account that has been registered on the lost cellphone.

Well, to be able to be tracked it turns out that Google recommends activating the Location setting on every smartphone that we have. The active location setting will make it easier to find a lost, dropped or tucked phone in an area quickly and precisely.

And below is the general way to activate the google settings feature:

  • Open the google settings app
  • Go to menu: Android Device Manager
  • Check the ‘Remotely Locate This Device’ and ‘Allow Remote Lock and factory Reset’ options
  • Well, that’s where half the journey is complete.
  • the last one is to activate your android GPS buddy and the data connection must be ON aka always ‘connected’ to the operator
  • Done and ready to just try (meaning we try to hide and we remotely remotely) to make sure it works or not. because I myself have tried it and it was 100 percent successful…hehe
However, not all types of cellphones have the same menu location, such as Samsung, OPPO, Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo and so on.

As a pattern to activate Location settings for Samsung galaxy phones as follows:

  • First Go to Settings Menu >> Connection
  • Then activate the ‘Location’ feature for high accuracy when on track
  • Then go back to the settings menu >> Lock screen and security
  • Select the Find My Phone menu, then Create / register a samsung account
  • After registering and receiving the ID and password, activate the option ‘Google Location Services’
  • Close the settings again and your phone is ready to be tracked using Samsung account ID

And if you don’t want to create a samsung account, just use the general android settings, namely:

  • Via settings menu > Lock screen & Security > More security settings
  • Then go to Device Administrator, then enable the ‘Find my device’ feature

How to track a Lost Android Phone

To just try it, the main thing that must be prepared is a tool to find (remote) the cellphone. It can be through a laptop or smartphone based on android, a loan from a friend can also be done. Below is step by step how to remotely the lost android phone.

  • The initial appearance of the Google-owned site resembles the image below:
Step by step how to track the position of a lost android cellphone How to track a lost android cellphone, all types of smartphones!  (Updated)
  • Initially, you have to log in to the Google account on your cellphone that you accidentally lost (as an experiment). Enter your Google email and password. The account (email) is the same as the account you created to download applications on Google Play.
  • After successfully logging in, you will see the search mode display on your device. wait for the search to finish. (if it doesn’t work then click the GPS sign like the image below with the arrow)
Step by step how to track the position of a lost android cellphone How to track a lost android cellphone, all types of smartphones!  (Updated)
  • If it is successful, it will look like the picture below, according to the location of the area where you lost the android phone. the picture below is the pattern of my android cellphone that I tried to find and found.
Step by step how to track the position of a lost android cellphone How to track a lost android cellphone, all types of smartphones!  (Updated)
  • The picture above, (which I circled in blue and there is an arrow is the perfect location in the village where my cellphone is. And the red arrow is the location or range of the GPS estimated area of ​​​​my area.
  • There are three reliable menus or functions in this application, namely, the ‘ring’ button, which is to ring a lost cellphone for minutes, don’t worry if your cellphone is in a ‘silent’ condition it will still ring at maximum volume. Then there is the Lock button, its function is to ‘lock’ your Android cellphone so that it is permanently locked and no one can open it. and the last one is the ‘delete’ button whose function is to remotely delete data on your cellphone, whether it’s image data, videos and other files in internal and external memory, safe isn’t it?

In conclusion, when an OPPO Vivo, Samsung, Xiaomi or other type of cellphone is dropped, lost or stolen by someone, it can be tracked easily when the internet network is connected. The phone will no longer be traceable if the google account (Email) on the lost phone has been replaced or deleted.

That’s step by step tracking the position of a lost android cellphone by using a google account on the cellphone. hopefully useful tips and tricks for tracking a lost android phone above. Don’t hesitate to ask about various android smartphone problems on God willing, the admin will reply as soon as possible, thank you.

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