How to track a cell phone number with Telekomsel Finder

How to track numbers with Telekomsel Finder

Telecom finder The Telekomsel is one of the state telecommunications providers with a very broad network. No wonder that the majority of Indonesians use Telecom as their smartphone number to get a satisfactory service.

With Telekomsel, users get many excellent services and functions. And one of the important features of Telekomsel is the Telkomsel Finder, which may not be familiar to many users.

Telkomsel Finder is one of the services of the telecom provider, where users of the Telkomsel card can track the location of a person via their own Telkomsel mobile number.

This feature is of course very useful, especially for users who have lost their smartphone. How do you then use the Telekomsel Finder? Alright, for those of you who want to use this telecom service, let’s just look at the explanation below.

How to track a number with Telekomsel Finder

Previously, this Telkomsel Finder service was easily accessible via the official website of lbs Telkomsel Finder with the domain address At this point, however, the website address can no longer be reached, which means that this web service has been removed by Telekom.

That being said, there are other methods that you can try. The method is to use the SMS and GPS services available. Here is the tutorial.

Telekomsel Finder via SMS

In this first method, the user sends a message to the Telekomsel service number. Then the destination number receives a special notification from an SMS with permission to share the location.

This permission is of course required to protect the privacy of strangers. Here are the steps to use the Telekomsel Finder via SMS.

  1. Open the SMS or messaging app. Then type FRIENDS (space) NAME (space) NUMBER. a
  2. Then SMS to 2500. send
  3. Here is an example: TEMAN BAYU 081234567890, then send to 2500

Using GPS

The next method of tracking a cell phone number that you can try is by using GPS. Now this method requires an additional application called Phone Tracker. This application is free to download, here are the steps.

  1. First, download the GPS Phone Tracker application from the Google Play Store / APKPure and install it as you normally would.
  2. After installation, please open the application and enter location permissions and enter your current mobile phone if necessary.
  3. Then select the Search Number to Track menu.
  4. Then enter or select the HP number that came from the contact.
  5. After that, wait for the process to finish.

The last word….

So you can track a cell phone number with the Telekomsel Finder along with alternative methods. Well that is all for this short article, good luck and hopefully it will be useful.

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