How to test / check all the hardware on Xiaomi

Smartphone whatever the brand is when it’s usually old hardwareit’s all down. For example ability Bluetooth Airtime Files Has waned or the screen functionality has waned, especially when we mention brands WL economic value that is widespread in the market today.

Actually, all of them before the sale Smartphone will go through a phase QC test First. QC test itself is an application Quality control test where with the application the ability of a Smartphone through all test hardware is there something wrong? Smartphone before they reach the buyer.

Then how can a buyer see the process? QC test This? Can’t only the experts do that? These tips will help you complete the process QC test with Smartphone Xiaomi you yourself. Pay attention to the steps.

1. Open the QC test app

To end the application QC test there are 2 ways. The first is to press the button Select “* # * # 6484 # * # *” ​​(without quotation marks) and through the menu: Settings – About the phone – Kernel version (Tap 7x quickly on the menu Kernel version). Then a menu appears like this:

2. Run test

Well, now you can see that the hidden application has about 35 menus in it. All menus are menus for testing, as the name suggests. You can select a menu to run a random test. Or if you want, you can automatically test everything from start to finish.

So here’s how you can open test number one first. Then follow the next steps as the application will run the tests one at a time from top to bottom until the test finishes.

In performing the test, be sure to follow the recommended method by reading the steps on the screen above. Once you understand what is being asked, take the test for maximum results.

Sample test results:

When you have completed all kinds of tests on Smartphone you, you can finally see for yourself how capable he is now Smartphone you’re old. Is it still worth using or is it time to replace it with something even more violent?

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