How to temporarily deactivate the Instagram account via the smartphone

Tired of your Instagram activity? Would you like to temporarily disable it and maybe come back one day? If so, we have an article on how to temporarily disable Instagram about below. prepared Smartphone.


Who are internet users today who are not familiar with sharing Instagram photos and videos on social media? Yes, this one social media application is indeed very popular these years and everyone is addicted to it.

However, Instagram authorizes its users and gives them the freedom to exit their app at any time.

Temporarily deactivate Instagram

Currently, Instagram is a very popular social medium, however, quite a few users want to quit or temporarily leave Instagram for various reasons.

The number of Instagram users is increasing day by day, which of course means that a person’s privacy is very open and easily accessible to everyone. Yes, although we know that Instagram has also added a data protection function with a lock or account function Private. But sometimes that is not enough either, which is why many people no longer want to use Instagram for a while.

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Well, if you’re one of those people who wants to turn off Instagram for a while and come back some day. You need to follow the tips below as Instagram cannot be disabled directly from the Instagram application. How then?


1. Open the Instagram website in a browser that can use Chrome or something else Smartphone We. Log into their respective accounts, then Tap or go to the Instagram profile menu.

How to temporarily deactivate the Instagram account using the smartphone

2. Tap the settings icon which is in the upper left corner, a menu will appear, another advanced menu, just select it edit profile.

How to temporarily deactivate the Instagram account using the smartphone

3rd Scroll until the Temporarily Deactivate My Account menu appears in the lower menu. You will then be forwarded to the duration of the deactivation. There are 2 columns on the reason why you want to disable and one column password. When it is all Tap Account temporarily disabled.

How to temporarily deactivate the Instagram account using the smartphone


Temporarily disabling Instagram, hiding profiles, comments, photos, and other privacy on Instagram can be very helpful for those of us who are currently bored, bored, or having problems using Instagram.

However, there are things to keep in mind so that you can come back later, don’t forget your Instagram password. Because to reactivate it, all you have to do is log in as usual.

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