How to Take Singing and Swinging Photos on Android Phones

Along with the development of technology as it is today, we can easily change the appearance of photos. Starting with changing the photo background, changing the face of the photo subject, and many other unique and interesting displays.

Take singing and rocking photos

One of the currently viral photo displays makes the objects in the photo sing and swing to the rhythm of the song. To make photos sing and vibrate, you can just use a free application called Wombo.

In addition to the object in the photo that is singing and following the rhythm of the song, the video later only has a duration of about 23 seconds.

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There are many song selections provided by this wombo application, you also apply a photo to multiple song selections provided by the wombo application.


1. Open the Play Store and then without first downloading and installing the application named Wombo.

2. After the Wombo application is successfully installed, just open the application and just click the button Let’s go!. Then give the application permission to access your Android phone’s camera and gallery.

3. Click the button camera to take your photo directly or click gallery to find photos already available in your Android phone gallery.

How to make photos sing and vibrate on Android phone

4. Select the photo you are using. Then set the position of the photo you want to view. Click the check mark.

How to make photos sing and vibrate on Android phone

5. After the photo is selected, add a song by clicking the icon W.. Find and select songs that are already available in the application. Click button game to hear the song. To apply the song to the photo in the meantime, just click the icon W..

How to make photos sing and vibrate on Android phone

6. Wait for the Wombo application to combine the photos and songs. You don’t have to wait long, the video with the photos and songs you selected is ready. Click button Again to change the song of the video. Or click the button Save on computer to save the video.

How to make photos sing and vibrate on Android phone


What do you think of the video? Very interesting, isn’t it, your photo will sing as it sways to the rhythm of the previously selected song. After the video is saved in the Android phone gallery, we can share the video for chat applications or social media applications.

Unfortunately, although this application is very interesting, this Wombo application does not yet provide a watermark removal feature. So if the video of the photo sings and swings to the rhythm of the song, there is a logo from the Wombo application in the top right corner

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