How to take screenshots with DU Recorder on Android

Screenshots or screenshot is an action that we perform on the screen Smartphone become a picture. Screenshots This is useful for various things, all community activities, can serve as evidence documents, search for important information, store informational data and so on.

On any device Smartphone, Characteristics Screenshots on their respective devices. Suppose we do Screenshots Screen by pressing the volume minus key (-) and the lock key at the same time. There are some too Smartphones, Who does Screenshots Screen by pressing the menu button and the lock button at the same time, etc.

However, if one of the buttons is not working or is damaged, you will not be able to do that Screenshots Screen in Smartphone She. Don’t worry, you can still do it Screenshots Screen with the application that is DU Recorder. The DU Recorder application is an application dedicated to recording screens on cell phones Smartphone, and this app has functions Screenshots so you can do it Screenshots Screen without pressing any buttons.

How to enable screenshots in DU Recorder

1. Install the DU Recorder application on the Play Store. Go to the main menu symbol – press the symbol DU recorder. If this is not your first time signing in, press the application DU recorder Once again.

2. Tap the symbol arrangement what’s right.

3. For those of you who do Smartphone small screen please scroll first down. Then tap to turn on on options Screenshots.

Remarks: If you don’t see the button, follow the steps below.

open minded settings or Settings – Scroll down and tap Permissions or Permissions – Find the DU Recorder app and tap DU Recorder – Tap Show Pop-up Windows or Show popup window – select Accept or accept.

The method is almost the same as above, look for the DU Recorder application Permissions.

4. Here are the results. There has to be a button Screenshots in Smartphone She.

5. To take Screenshots, Tap stud Screenshots (Camera logo) DU recorder.


You can do Screenshots Screen on Smartphone As long as the DU-Recorder application is still active, if the application in the background (background) is closed, then the symbol button Screenshots is lost.

Now you can do it Screenshots Screen in Smartphone You, even if some of these buttons do not work or are defective, in your need or need.

This is the tutorial on how to take it Screenshots with DU recorder on Android. Much luck.

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