How to Take Photos Using Whistling (100% Successful)

Who doesn’t like photos? Surely almost all people like the name of taking pictures right. Especially if there are important moments, you definitely won’t miss the photo.

But, have you ever, guys, having fun taking photos together and finding it hard to press the button to take photos? Must have right? Now! Don’t worry, guys, the solution is to take photos just by whistling. Wow, how’s that? Alright, just watch it guys..

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Shhh .. Here’s How To Take Photos With Just Whistling!

Well, this time will teach you how to shoot photos with a whistle. So, watch carefully, guys..

How to Take a Photo by Whistling Using the ‘Whistle Camera’ App

Whistle Camera

Whistle Camera App

  • SecondAfter that, run the application, the camera will appear as usual and tap iconArrangement‘ in the lower right corner.

Select Settings

  • Third, Then tapDefault‘ on the Select Language feature and select ‘English‘.
Default Select Language

Choose English

  • Fourth, After that checklistTurn Off Countdown Sound‘ in the Sound Settings feature.
Turn Off Countdown Sound

Check List Turn Off Countdown Sound

  • Fifth, After that go back to the camera and try to take a photo by whistling. If successful, a perwitan image will appear. Like the following picture.

Try Taking a Photo by Whistling

  • Well, now you can check in your smartphone gallery the photos you took earlier.

Photographs with Whistling

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So, how are you smart? You already know how to take photos using whistles. Well, if you have criticism and suggestions, write them in the comments column below here, OK?

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