How to Take Care of a Non-Removable Android HP Battery

Trend Today’s cellphones are mostly using built-in batteries or commonly called batteries non-removable. However, not all cellphones use this implanted battery, there are still some HP vendors that use removable batteries.

There’s actually nothing to worry about built-in battery. Both using removable and non-removable batteries, both of them must have their own pluses and minuses.

Well, on this occasion will review how to take care of a non-removable Android cellphone battery. Here’s how…

How to Take Care of a Non-Removable Android HP Battery

1. Avoid Over Charging

Some types of cell phones are equipped with a circuit breaker capability when the battery is fully charged. However, leaving the cellphone in a charging state for hours can make the battery bulge, and this is what makes the battery quickly damaged.

2. Don’t Often Charge

Do not charge the battery too often every day. Try to only charge once a day. Because the battery power of this type of smartphone is equipped with a large battery capacity. If you charge your smartphone 3 or more times a day, the battery power will decrease quickly and the battery will not last long.

3. Avoid Using HP When Charged

Never use your phone to play music, play games or the phone is charging. Because this can make the battery temperature very hot. And of course reduce the battery life and make it bloated.

4. Use the Right Charger

Always use the charger that came with the HP. Not only according to the form of the port, but also according to the smartphone standards, such as the strength of the electric current flowing for example. In this case, the original charger is the best.

5. Don’t let the battery run out completely

Immediately charge your cellphone when the battery is close to running out. Don’t wait to charge your phone until it’s completely dead because it’s running out of battery power. This can shorten battery life.

Well, that’s a review of How to Take Care of a Non-Removable Andorid HP Battery. If the explanation above is unclear, or you want to give us a recommendation what to write next, please comment below, smart friend…

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