How to take a screenshot of an Android screen with AZ screen recorder

On any device Smartphone, Characteristics Screenshots on their respective devices. Suppose we do Screenshots Screen by pressing the volume minus key (-) and the lock key at the same time. There are some too Smartphones, Who does Screenshots Screen by pressing the menu button and the lock button at the same time, etc.

However, if one of the buttons is not working or is damaged, you will not be able to do that Screenshots Screen in Smartphone She. Don’t worry, you can still do it Screenshots Screen with an application, AZ Screen Recorder, which is dedicated to recording screens Smartphone, and this app has functions Screenshots so you can do it Screenshots Screen without pressing any buttons.

The author will provide a tutorial on how Screenshots Screen with AZ Screen Recorder. This is useful for recording (Screenshots) Screen On Smartphone Android which will be the image file.


1. Open the main menu Smartphone your android.

2. Open the AZ Screen Recorder application. If you don’t have the AZ Screen Recorder application installed on your Android, you can install the AZ Screen Recorder application from the Play Store. Wait a few moments for a special float button to appear.

3. Press the Float Button Icon – Select the Camera Icon / Screenshots to record the screen (Screenshots) Smartphones.

4. Here are the results.


So you can catch (Screenshots) Screen on Smartphone Your Android, which is usually the purpose of specifying and informing. To indicate here means that someone has finished an online game with the best ranking (global top). Then are the ranking results Screenshots to show the picture online gaming groups on social media. Meanwhile, information here means spreading positive and important information to groups on social media in order to get information that did not initially know.

That’s the tutorial like Screenshots Android screen with AZ Screen Recorder. Much luck.

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