How to take a screenshot of a blocked Webtoon series

In 2022, Line re-released an online comic book application called Webtoon. This application contains a collection of works by local and faraway comic artists that you can enjoy for free on Android or iOS. Webtoons are available in different languages ​​and countries, so this application is in great demand among teenagers. Every day Webtoon Come with Update-a latest as evidenced by features daily routine. This function helps to display the comic book artist’s publication schedule on the webtoon.

In the meantime, if you don’t have time to download this application on Android / IOS, you can access it here Browser Your cellphone. Or accessible via line.

In general webtoon is accessible for free, but since last December 2022 the Webtoon has activated the coin function in order to gain access “Preview Episodes”. Episode preview allows us to read the latest episode of a particular series before the usual release date. Number of coins required for access “Preview Episodes” it can vary depending on the series webtoon-his.

Since the introduction of the “Episode Preview” access function, Webtoon has had restrictions, including the blocking of functions Screenshots or take a screenshot on our phone.

So if you want to take Screenshots Comics series on Webtoon, Webtoon readers don’t have to worry, as the solution is to use the browser version of Webtoon.

The following tutorial shows screenshots of the blocked Webtoon series:

1. First step, open Browser Google Chrome or others.

2. Then enter into the search field with keywords (Keyword) “webtoon”.

3. Then select the Webtoon website.

4. Go to the Webtoon page and select the language.

5. Next, select the Webtoon series that you want to download Screenshots.

6. Finally, start taking it Screenshots the panel you want to get.

7. Done.

This is the tutorial on how to take it Screenshots on a blocked webtoon. Hope it’s useful.

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