How to take a screenshot from a laptop / PC with Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is an application that is widely used to present the results of the Working View. The operating system that is widely used by laptops is Windows, so Microsoft itself adds Ms. Office as an application to aid the work of its users.

This application is typically used to describe in detail what is included in all of the material. For example, suppose you are explaining a computer work system using a concept diagram from a computer book.

You can do Screenshots on a computer or laptop screen with PowerPoint 2022. This is very useful for those of you who do school or college assignments but need to record a computer or laptop screen to get the picture you want.

The author will give a tutorial on how to screenshot a computer screen with PowerPoint.


1. Open the app Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2022 on your computer or laptop.

2. Choose Blank presentation to create a new worksheet. Wait a few moments until the working display appears.

3. Click on Calls – click Screenshot – screenshot excerpt.

4. Then find the place that suits you as soon as possible. Then left click and hold the mouse button until you can capture the screen as you want.

5. Release the left mouse button, wait a few moments for the screenshot image to be automatically inserted into the blank slide worksheet earlier.

You can make your own picture from the screenshot (Screenshots) what was as requested.

Now you can do it Screenshots Screen on your computer or laptop without additional software, because Ms. Office Powerpoint 2022 has new functions, namely: Screenshotswhich makes it easier for you to get things done or your work presentation sheets productive.

This is a tutorial for taking a screenshot of a laptop or PC screen with PowerPoint. Much luck.

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