How to take a fisheye photo on Xiaomi phone

Photography is indeed one of the most enjoyable activities, and there are a lot of young people in this field these days. Business in photography, such as photo services, is also promising before wedding, Marriage documentation, journalism and so on. But especially among young people, photography is only used as a hobby or for fun, or it can also be used in today’s widespread social media.

In the world of photography, it is known that there are many types of techniques and effects that can add artistic value to a photo, including effects Fisheye or fisheye when translated into Indonesian. The effect the effect will create Fisheye This is the photo area, which is circular and looks like a convex glass, but the photo area is wider compared to photos that don’t use the effect Fisheye.

With a DSLR camera, to achieve this effect, you usually need to use a special lens to take pictures Fisheye. But if you have Smartphone Xiaomi, you can use such effects without having to buy additional lenses. How to take photos with effects Fisheye on Xiaomi phones.


1. First open the camera app in Smartphone Xiaomi.

2. Then open the icon Tools as shown in the picture.

3. After that scroll sideways until you find the fisheye effect or Fisheye.

4th Choose Fisheye Effect or Fisheye.

Then the recording screen changes to the effect Fisheye.

This is a guide to taking photos with effects Fisheye on Xiaomi phones. Hope it’s useful.

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