How to surf from the terminal under Linux

If you are an internet user you must be familiar with this activity rummage. surfing It can be anything from reading tutorials on Inwepo, reading news on online news sites, watching videos on YouTube, to socializing on Facebook and Twitter. Which browser are you using? Google Chrome? Mozilla Firefox? Opera? Or even you rummage use the terminal?

Oh really can rummage use the terminal? Of course I can.

blessing software called Elinks, you can do that rummage use the terminal like if you rummage use Browser conventional kind of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

Below are the steps for rummage Use Terminal on Linux:

1. Download elinks.

For your users of Ubuntu or other Debian-derived Linux distributions, you can easily download it using the terminal command:

sudo apt-get install elinks

If you are using a Linux distribution other than a Debian derivative, you can download Elinks directly from website officially

2. If ElinksTo install Next, open a terminal on your system and enter “elinks” (without quotation marks). You will see a screen like the one below and then press the button Enter.

3. Next, Elinks shows a dialog with shape Field for the URL address of the website you want to visit. Enter url website that you want to visit with Elinks. Then, press ENTER.

4. This is what it looked like when I visited website Google uses Elinks in the Linux terminal.

5. To open tab new or different settings like go back, go forward, history and other. You can access it by pressing the Esc key. This is what it looks like.

Like, easy is not the way rummage Use Terminal on Linux? This method is very suitable for those of you who often read the messages that make up most of the content text. Much luck.

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