How to stream Netflix on Android using Wifi Indihome

Netflix is ​​a service Streaming which makes it easier for us to watch foreign and domestic films. But Netflix services in our country are not well received by some network providers such as Telecom and Indihome, which restrict access to enjoy Netflix services. Telekom and Indihome prohibit the use of Netflix on their networks because a lot of the content is inappropriate for adults. Abroad and in our home country it can be very different.

With the current situation with the outbreak and implementation of PSBB (Large-Scale Social Restrictions) in some areas of our beloved country, we can see many things that we can do while lying down, like watching, chatting and so on. Maybe Netflix will be for now Streaming platform most sought after by the community to fill their time as there is nothing to do other than home for entertainment.

Usually this application is often associated with adult content, but there are also age restrictions for watching movies that they offer on their platform. Usually they include teenage or adulthood in the programs they offer viewers.

It was previously explained how to use the Indihome or Telecom network on a PC (computer) to access Netflix. This time, I’m going to explain how to access Android. Some VPN applications are inadequate at times, so I’m going to use the VPN application here


1. To install VPN app in the Play Store. Search in the playstore with the keywords ‘’.

Download App

2. After installation, open it and turn it on in WARP mode (this mode can increase internet speed if you are using VPN).

3. Then open Netflix and log into your account.

4. And finally, you can watch Netflix through the Indihome network.

Note: For Internet users who are often delayed, they can be provoked by using mobile data without switching off the VPN by restarting the Netflix application.

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