How to stop using Telegram bots

As one of the most popular chat applications and used by many smartphone users around the world, Telegram chat application is packed with various advanced features and bots with many features. And we can be sure that both features and bots will continue to grow in the future.

Bots in the telegram

Before we discuss more about Telegram bots, what exactly is a Telegram bot? Simply put, bots on Telegram can be interpreted as application programs that can be executed in the Telegram application. In order to obtain a digital product, we sometimes need an additional application which must first be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store. However, there are some applications that can only be run using Telegram bots.

Stop using Telegram bot

It is well known that Telegram has many bots whose functions do not differ significantly from additional applications in the Play Store and App Store. However, did you know that you can also stop using Telegram bots that you used before? This feature is called Stop Bot. By using this feature, you can easily stop using bots that you have used in Telegram application.


1. Open the Telegram application on your device and then select one of the bots in the chat list that you no longer want to use. Click the chatbot. After the chatbot opens, click Profile photo or bot username above the conversation column to open the bot’s settings menu.

How to stop using Telegram bots

2. After the bot settings menu opens, click the icon three points that’s in the top right corner. Then choose Stop bot. The bot will automatically stop running in your Telegram application and the bot will no longer send notifications of incoming messages.

3. When you are no longer using the bot, you can delete all chats from the bot. Follow the same steps as above to stop using other Telegram bots that you have been using.

How to stop using Telegram bots

4. However, to be able to use the Telegram bot again, click the button Start anew which is located under the conversation column. After that, you can use bots again as you did before.

How to stop using Telegram bots


With a few simple steps above you can stop Telegram bots that are no longer in use. This will reduce Telegram bot notifications that come in on your device. In addition, the main page of the Telegram application only shows bots that you are still using.

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