How to stay healthy as an online player

Become an online gamer or E-sports player has its own challenges. The reason for this is that when you play online games, you need to focus and think about the right strategy in order to get victory in the online games you play.

As an online gamer, you may have lost track of time from playing games all day, or even days, resulting in neglect of your health. Although health is important in order for online game play to remain good and optimal.

To stay focused and enthusiastic, this article offers an effective way or solution for maintaining a healthy body through prepare food more nutritious and adequate rest with adequate sleep, especially for those of you who are fans of online gaming or who are active as online gamers. Let’s check out the review!

1. Don’t forget to eat and drink

Ways to Stay Healthy as an Online Gambler

Many online gamers always forget about time to eat and time to drink. Though food and drinks really help you get energized while playing online games.

When choosing food, be careful not to consume instant noodles. Because these foods cannot fill your stomach. So choose heavy foods like rice and nutritious side dishes so that your energy can be optimally recovered. Choose mineral water with drinks to keep your kidney health at its best and avoid various diseases such as infections bladder and impaired brain function.

2. Take care of eye health

Ways to Stay Healthy as an Online Gambler

One of the things online gamers sometimes forget is to ignore eye health. This is very important to keep your eyes healthy and optimal while playing.

Online games being played sometimes make the eyes sore and uncomfortable. To overcome this, immediately go outside and observe various sights that will calm your eyes, be it trees, vegetation, rice fields, roads or mountains to stretch your eye muscles.

3. Invite the closest people to play together

Ways to Stay Healthy as an Online Gambler

As an online gamer, anger or emotion often arises because your team is not the closest person, especially if your teammates are not able to play well, your computer or smartphone can fall victim to an impact.

Anger and emotions can quickly make you stressed and irritable, which is very bad for mental health. To overcome this, invite friends or family members to play online games together. It aims to strengthen family bonds or friendships and to strengthen your social spirit from one person to another.

4. Give your body time to rest

Continuous play can be detrimental to the body. Some of them like insomnia, Occurrence of diseases migraine, and various other diseases.

Get in the habit of resting and sleeping when you are tired and it is late. Also, whenever you’re still playing, make sure you have the right time to stretch, whether lying down or taking a short 15-minute walk.

Another way to rest your body is to limit the amount of time you spend playing. After 2-3 hours of play, charge Smartphone or turn off your computer. Then rest as if lying down or do relaxation activities that are often used. That way, you can already love yourself because you know when it’s time to play games and when it’s time to rest.

5. Don’t forget to exercise

What online gamers often forget is that exercise is very important. By exercising, you will have a fresh body and mind and will really help you improve your performance and concentration while playing. least Exercise 3 times a week. That way, your health will be preserved and gaming will be more meaningful.


As an online gamer, there are other things that can keep your body optimal, including going out for fresh air occasionally, maintaining good posture while gaming, and living a balanced lifestyle. This way, you can maintain good physical and mental health.

That’s the article about Ways to Stay Healthy as an Online Gambler Always take care of your health so that you can focus and perform well while playing your favorite online games. Much luck!

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