How to speed up website loading in Google Chrome Android

I am going to share interesting information that you will use to speed up websites loading in Google Chrome on Android. In this way, hopefully it will help increase the speed of your Android Google Chrome.

For this occasion, I am going to share a cool way to browse Google Chrome on your Android faster. Knowing that Google Chrome is one of the largest traditional web browsers in the world, we can use this application on your smartphone as well as on your PC.

When we explore the virtual world with Google Chrome, sometimes loading suddenly becomes slow and also stops responding. To solve this, we have a cool method that not only makes your Google Chrome faster but also makes it easier for you to use multiple tabs. Yes, keep reading this article until it is finished. “How to Speed ​​Up Web Sites Loading on Your Google Chrome Android”

This method is very simple, we just need to change some of Chrome’s hidden features. not curious what features we will change.

So keep following this article and check out the steps.

Step 1. Of course, to make the steps easier, your Android device must have the latest version of Google Chrome. After that, open your Google Chrome application and enter chrome: // flags in the URL bar and enter.

Chrome faster 1

Step 2. Now you can see the hidden settings.

Chrome faster 2

Step 3. After that, look for the “Maximum tiles for Area of ​​Interest Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android” option.

Chrome faster 3

Step 4. This is the display of the RAM value which is the initial setting of Android. To get the maximum speed you need to change to the highest value, e.g. B. to 256 or 512.

Chrome faster 4

Lanka 5: You will see changes to the data RAM used and click here on the Restart now button.

Chrome faster 5last

That’s the method by which you can now load websites faster than before on your Chrome

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