How to speed up and slow down videos on Youtube

YouTube, Google’s video streaming service. Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has gone through a lot of changes. This popular video sharing site has been ‘Enter point‘for the next generation, including internet artists. Lots of people create content and then upload it to the Youtube site. The uploaded content is also varied and good, so that one feels like downloading and saving videos from YouTube.

A lot of videos from different categories have been uploaded to this platform, from instructional videos, music video clips from specific musicians, short films, television films, movie trailers, video blogs on vloggers, even video tutorials for various activities and much more. Of course, in categories such as measuring the speed of a ball thrown from a certain distance, the channel owner also indicates or is often referred to as the fastest to slowest ball movement. designated Slow motion.

But what if we come across a video but it doesn’t exist? Slow motionhis? Well, this time around, there is no need to be confused because below the author will discuss how to easily speed up and slow down videos on Youtube. To play videos Slow motion itself, can be done by slowing down Playback speed.


1. Specify the video you want to speed up and slow down – click on the gear in the menu at the bottom right of the video – click on Speed.

2. There are numbers in the speed menu, here is a description:

0.75-0.25: Slow – Very Slow

1.25 – 2: Fast – Very fast

3. So you can choose fast or slow depending on your needs.

This is a tutorial on speeding up and slowing down videos on Youtube. Much luck.

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